Anti hair loss, hair growth lotion (Trichogène & anti hair loss lotion) 1



Inhibiting androgenic and non-androgenic hair loss except alopecia arising from serious burning, hair regrowth.

Hair regrowth:

Specific sequence of amino acids with vitamins and stem cells secretions including growth factors improve micro circulation around hair follicle and stimulate stem cells of hair bulb to differentiate to the cells of different parts of hair which leads to the hair regrowth.

Inhibiting androgenic alopecia:

5α-reductase isoenzymes (type I and II) are the most effective factors on androgenic alopecia. Type I is in sebaceous glands and liver, type II is in prostate. Isoflavonoids of licorice extract by affecting on androgen receptors, nettle by inhibiting 5α-reductase type I and II, green tea and arginine by modulating androgens, control androgenic alopecia.

Regulating inflammatory factors:

Inflammation is known by two forms: classic and micro inflammation. Classic form accompanies by redness, irritation and heating while micro inflammation is a non-energetic, painless and without any symptoms. This condition is mainly occurs due to stress, auto immune diseases, free radicals and androgens on hair follicle. Classic form of inflammation occurs by physical factors such as hair dryers and chemical factors including coloring, bleaching and other chemical process on hair which maybe lead to feel irritation, itching and scalp tension. The newest studies on alopecia show the special effect of micro inflammation on hair loss thus regulating the inflammatory factors has an important role. The presence of 12 herbal extracts applied in this lotion displays the importance of this issue which makes product being more effective with the synergistic effects on each other.

Anti-oxidative effect:

Free radicals are harmful elements which are produced outside of the human body due to air pollution; chemical agents applied on hair such as hair sprays, hair colors and etc. and inside our body as a result of defected metabolism which lead to hurt cell membranes and cell's malfunction thus cell will be destroyed gradually. This product contains 12 herbal extracts such as lavender, henna, horsetail etc. and vitamins A and C which inhibit endogenous and exogenous free radicals to prevent cellular damages and eventually hair aging.

Decelerating the hair aging process via improving cellular metabolism:

Potent growth stimulator molecules make hairs seem thicker and denser by regulating the metabolism of hair follicle cells.

Directions of use:

Apply the adequate amount of the lotion on scalp twice a day and let it dry; no need to massage. Effective consumption period of this lotion is at least 6 months.


Using Cepigène anti hair loss shampoos is recommended for maximum efficacy according the type of hair and scalp.