Revitalizing & deep hydrating shampoo, anti hair loss (for dry hair & scalp) 4



Moisturizing and regulating oil of hair and scalp, preventing hair loss due to excessive dryness of scalp.

Water micro injection into the hair fiber:

Herbal moisturizers such as aloe vera, algae and avocado besides the pro vitamin B5 prevent hair dryness via permeating the humidity into the hair cortex. The hairs treated with this shampoo are equilibrated in a longer time for water absorption and evaporation, it means the ingredients of this shampoo make hairs able to limit extra humidity absorption in damp areas significantly; also protects hair against water loss in drier areas therefore prevents hair breakage.

Creating a protective layer on hair and prevention of hair dryness:

Synergistic effects of hydrolyzed wheat proteins with the polysaccharides in this shampoo create a hydrated complex which develops a thin layer on hair for maximum moisturizing. Hydrolyzed wheat proteins penetrate into the cuticles thus all parts of hair fiber contain this protein.

Increasing hair tensile strength and better conditioning:

Healthy, strong and beautiful hair is in order to high flexibility of hair fiber. Histidine and phenylalanine increase hair tensile strength in water also these are hair structural amino acids which keep hair strength. Lacto collagen contains considerable amount of polar amino acids including lysine, aspartic acid and glutamic acid which develop ionic bonds with free carboxylic and amino groups of hair and epidermal keratin that repair damaged hair.

Hair luminosity:

Destroying natural fatty layer on hair cuticle due to harsh detergents or chemical agents such as hair dyes make hair less shiny. Natural silk glycoproteins has an extraordinary potential to absorb and retain water; consequently it protects hair and scalp against dehydration by creating a thin lasting layer that leads to softness, shines, vitality and conditioning of hairs.

Decreasing hair combing force, improving physical characteristic of hair:

Quaternized silk in this shampoo makes hair more manageable and improves tactility features of it and decreases hair combing force.

Boosting the newly hair grown and preventing hair loss via stimulating collagen synthesis:

Being loose the scalp not only leads to scurf development but also hair loss will occur thus keeping and boosting the natural structure of scalp is very important. Combination of free amino acids, oligopeptides, fatty acids, sugars (such as lactose), vitamins, growth stimulators and minerals of milk prepare an enriched complex that stimulate collagen synthesis by fibroblasts thus strengthen hair in junction with scalp. These ingredients also repair the dermis layers by decreasing the effects of harsh detergents.

Intelligent moisturizing:

Special compounds in this shampoo boosts the scalp barrier function meanwhile regulates the evaporation of scalp moisture relying on relative humidity and environmental temperature therefore keeps the conditions of scalp optimum.

Directions of use:

Wash hair and scalp 3 times a week by this shampoo, let the foam remains 3-5 minutes and rinse them off with tepid water.


Avoid drying hairs through rubbing the towel on them since it causes the detachment of effective ingredients in the formulation from hairs.