Seboregulator and fortifying shampoo, anti hair loss (for greasy hair and scalp)3



Regulating hair and scalp's oil, preventing hair loss due to excessive oil of scalp.

Providing luminosity and hair color protection by creating a thin layer on hair fiber:

Greasy hairs usually lost their luminosity because of absorption the environmental pollution. Wheat extract along with natural silicates of horsetail guarantee the hair shining and protect hair color against solar U.V rays.

Better hair combing and conditioning:

People with greasy hairs usually can't use hair sprays or conditioners while they have heavy and greasy hair with low conditioning performance. Provitamin B5 and special conditioners along with cleansing and sebaceous regulating features of this shampoo solve the lack of hair conditioning.

Purifying and detoxifying the scalp:

A reasonable combination of herbal and chemical surfactants in this shampoo purify and detoxify the scalp without stimulating sebaceous glands.

Anti-oxidative effect:

This product contains 12 herbal extracts such as lavender, henna, horsetail etc. and vitamin B5 which inhibit endogenous and exogenous free radicals to prevent cellular damages and eventually hair aging.

Improving blood circulation around hair follicle:

Temporary effect of this product is vasodilation around hair follicles which leads to effective cellular nutrition and respiration. This will be happened by herbal extracts such as rosemary, red pepper and arnica.

Regulating sebaceous glands activity:

Licorice, nettle and green tea extract in this shampoo modulate the activity of sebaceous glands by different pathways.

Regulating sebaceous gland secretions:

Tightening pores of scalp is a solution to control the level of sebum. Burdock extract and limonoid of margosa exist in the formulation of this shampoo are a mix of lipophilic and hydrophilic agents with a synergistic effect and are known as the anti-bacterial and astringent compound which are used for regulating sebum, protecting normal flora and inhibiting free radicals on scalp.

Inhibiting hair loss due to oil:

Type III of 5α- reductase probably has an important role to regulate sebum secretion; the formulation of this product is designed in such a way to balance and modulate this enzyme; also Cimicifuga extract inhibits type I of 5α- reductase by regulating testosterone metabolism in fibroblasts thus hair loss will be controlled.

Cooling effect:

Pepper mint extract of this product reduces inflammation, itching and irritation of scalp and gives freshness feeling.

Directions of use:

Wash hair and scalp 3 times a week by this shampoo, let the foam remains 3-5 minutes and rinse them off with tepid water.


Avoid drying hairs through rubbing the towel on them since it causes the detachment of effective ingredients in the formulation from hairs.