Research & Development



This section is core of Cepigène company in field of research about living part of skin and hair and is responsible for evaluating the biological features of active molecules. This section presents innovative formulations by research in field of dermatology and molecular biology and make a connection with nature to find out the common features and then the chemistry department by adapting its formulation in base of suggestive compound of biology department presents an innovative product, then it will be sent to international laboratories for different tests such as efficacy, allergy, microbiology and satisfaction of consumers after applying this product. After passing these tests a new phase of evaluation about mode of action and efficacy in molecular levels will be started to find out the exact effect of each active molecule of formulation on different parts of application. The results of these tests will present in the website of company as the documents of product for researchers interested in different branches of science such as biology, pharmacology and dermatology.



One of the principles of Cepigène is chemistry department which is the base of new ideas and research on products. This department studies on the formulation, raw materials, packaging materials and arrange the clinical and molecular evaluation of products to measure the efficacy of them. In this section, the formulations being designed on base of the most desirable raw materials which are provided from reliable producer companies with international famous brands. For designing a proper formulation it is very important to care about special additives and actives. To obtain the maximum quality it is necessary to do the different laboratory and clinical tests, experiments and specialty as well. Cosmetics products contain different combinations, which are needed to approve the safety of them. Chemistry department can do this by designing variety of formulations and measuring at in-vivo and in-vitro levels, chemistry and biology departments approve the efficacy and adaptation of such actives with the formulation. chemistry department is trying to conserve the products stability in addition to minimize the environmental impacts and side effects.


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