The packages of all products of Cepigène are designed according EU Cosmetics Regulation:

1- Name, classification and disorder curable by the product are printed on packaging such as:

  •  Anti hair loss, hair growth shampoo
  • Anti hair loss, hair growth lotion
  • Anti dandruff and scalp care shampoo
  • Anti dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis lotion
  • Revitalizing and deep hydrating shampoo
  • Sebo regulator and fortifying shampoo


2- The name of producer, address and phone number is printed on package or brochure which is inside the packaging.  

3- All products are clinically tested before launch in market and some of their results are printed in form of graph on packaging or brochure which is inside the packagin

  • These graphs are printed on the lateral side of boxes of lotions and also in the brochure which is inside the packaging similar the shampoos of Cepigène

4- All products are tested and confirmed in origin country and also in European laboratories and pharmaceutical companies in aspect of physical and chemical, microbial, allergenicity and stability features and their documents are in the website of Cepigène.

  •  These tests have been done by THOR (England) and ROBERTET (France) for Cepigène products.

5- All products of Cepigène are according the CMR standards (Substances Classified under Chemical Legislation as Carcinogenic, Mutagenic or Toxic for Reproduction).

  •  There is no toxic, carcinogenic or dangerous substances such as paraben in products of Cepigène and the analyses confirm that the dangerous molecules such as formaldehyde, nitrosamine and dioxane don't release from the ingredients.


6- The claims of each product are according the studies of that product

  • Some of related graphs are in brochure which is inside the box and the rest of them are in the website of Cepigène.
7- The ingredients are printed on packaging completely.


8- All information about the origin and destination country of products of Cepigène is printed on packaging in France and English.


9- Expiry date of products is printed as signs on outside and inside packaging.

 Best use by 24 months after opening. 

 Best use by 10 months after opening.


      10- Date of production and expiry date are printed as number on packaging.


         11- Storage conditions are printed as intelligible signs on packaging.

 The best storage condition is between 4-30 degrees of centigrade.

  Keep out of reach of children.

 Keep away from direct sunlight.

 This product has brochure.

 Quick mark.


         12- Contents of each box have been presented on packaging.

  •          Such as volume of shampoos, number of bottles of lotions and volume of these bottles.
13- Batch number is printed on packaging.  
14- Indications of product are printed as intelligible signs on packaging.


 Combing improvement

 Shines hair

 Protects against heat of hair dryers

 Hair care and protection

 Inhibits adverse microorganisms

 No essence & color

 Supplementary with PRP method

 Prevents static electricity

15- Name of distributers is printed on packaging.  

16- There is printed direction of use of product in brochure which is in packaging.


      17- All of the containers of products of Cepigène are user friendly.

  • Containers of products are designed by Eurovetrocap (Italy) and possess these features:



  • There is no leak from bottles doors and the contents don’t permeate out.
  • Bottles neck is narrow and contents exit under the control of consumer.
  • Body containers are produced from special materials therefor they don’t slip from your wet hands.
  • Matt color design of products containers protects contents from direct sunlight.
  • The containers never break.
  • Form of perching the container in outside packaging let air flows and acts as an insulator too.
  • The containers of shampoos are made of materials that do not react with the content under any circumstances; therefore the ingredients will not be devoid of the formulation.




  • All of bottles are scaled.
  • Separated dosages prevent oxidation of contents.
  • Keeping the contents away from oxidation will be possible by the special designs of bottles.
  • The containers of lotions are made of materials that do not react with the content under any circumstances; therefore the ingredients will not be devoid of the formulation.